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2021 Conference

Date: Friday 5 November 12.30 pm to Saturday 4.30 pm
Venue: St Andrew's on The Terrace, Wellington St Andrew's on The Terrace, Wellington
Theme: Spirituality for a sustainable future
Key note speaker: Ian Harris
- the Sir Lloyd Geering Lecture

Also: John Thornley on Black Theology
in African-American Music – illustrated
by blues, gospel, soul, reggae and soul tracks,
youth panel and speakers, core group discussions,
refreshment times and socialising

More details will be added when they are confirmed.

2020 Conference

There will be no conference this year.  Planning for the 2021 conference will commence soon.

2019 "Transforming Communities: Finding meaning in a consumer-driven world

Keynote summaries

2018 "Religion for a sustainable future

Keynote addresses

2017 "Reformation 2.0, Luther lit a fuse, what happens next?"

Keynote Addresses
Annual General Meeting

2016 "With or Without God: Community in a Post-Theistic World"

Keynote ddresses

2015 "Micawber or Cassandra? Responding To An Increasingly Uncertain Future"

Keynote addresses

2014 "Exploring Inner Space: Can Spirit, Soul and Free-will Survive the Scrutiny?"

Keynote addresses

2013 "Tell Me the New, New Story"

Keynote addresses

2012 "The Revaluing of All Values: What Values Do We Need To Survive"

Keynote addresses

2011 "Pulling Us Back From The Brink: Economics? Science? Religion?"

Keynote addresses

2010 "Compassion and Crisis: Our Human Dilemma"

Keynote Addresses

2009 "Who Needs Jesus? Life in the 21st Century

Keynote addresses

2008 "The Ecological Imperative: Is Tomorrow's God Gaia?

Keynote addresses

Auckland Regional Conference on Religious Terrorism 19 July 2008

2007 "Retelling The Story"

Keynote addresses

2006 "After Religion, What? — Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?"

Keynote addresses

2005 "What Makes Us Human — Dialogues With Art, Religion and Science"

Keynote addresses

2004 "20 Years On — Faith Evolving"

Keynote addresses

2003 "Making War — Making Peace"

Keynote addresses

2002 "Creative Uncertainty"

Keynote addresses

2001 "You Make Community Makes You"

Keynote addresses

2000 "Beyond Belief"

1999 "Mother Earth v. Father God?"

1998 "Inventing Reality"

1997 "Faith on the Margins"






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