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Reflections on the early 20th century
At nearly 99 years old, Lloyd Geering is well qualified to look back over the last century, consider the massive social changes he has lived through, and evaluate such progress as the human race may be making.
Born in 1918, Lloyd reflects on the two World Wars, the Great Depression, and the changes he has
experienced in education, family life, growth of personal freedom, leisure and entertainment, life in the churches, and more.
He concludes Portholes to the Past with a cautiously optimistic look into the future:
**... it may not be too much to hope that from the fragments of dismantled Christendom we may
rediscover and reinvigorate the moral values of justice, truth and environmental guardianship.
Together with the spiritual forces of faith, hope and love, these qualities may yet enable us to create a viable human future."
SIR LLOYD GEERING was born in Rangiora in 1918, educated chiefly in “ Otago, and holds  honours degrees in Mathematics and Old Testament Studies.
Ordained as a Presbyterian minister, he  taught at theological colleges in Brisbane and Dunedin before being appointed foundation professor of Religious Studies at Victoria  University of Wellington.
Since his retirement in 1984 Lloyd has continued to lecture widely throughout New Zealand and overseas, has been a regular columnist on religious topics, and has published numerous books.

Admitted to the Order of New Zealand in 2007, Lloyd has three children, nine grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.
“Portholes ..” was published in 2016 by Steele Roberts, Box 9321 Wellington



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