God, Galileo and Geering: A faith for the 21st century by Robert Jones

Polebridge Press Paperback, 174 pages 2005 ISBN 0-944344-51-8
THIS BOOK IS A COURSE OF STUDY based on three pivotal books by Lloyd Geering.

Review by Noel Cheer

It is designed for groups and individuals who are troubled by the gap between Christian teachings and the realities of life in the universe we now recognize. Robert Jones guides readers through Christian Faith at the Crossroads, (an updated Faith's New Age), Tomorrow's God, and The World to Come, and explores the relationship of Christianity to the cosmos, culture, and human life.
Robert Jones has been a pastor, a seminary teacher, and is now a chaplain at a retirement centre. The book is divided into 15 "lessons" (5 for each book) which include summaries of each book, reviews of the main points of each lesson and questions.
This arrangement reflects the origin of the book in lessons for the "Thursday afternoon religion class at Spring Lake Village Retirement Community, Santa Rosa, California."
This book would be a useful study tool for an Sea of Faith Group as well as for adult study groups in churches promoting Progressive Christianity.
Its shortcomings are small: it has neither bibliography nor index.



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