Freedom, Religion and Spirit

Freedom, Religion and Spirit Dr Albert Moore
U3A Dunedin Charitable Trust, 5A Fifield Street, Roslyn, Dunedin

Review by Alan M Goss

Over the period March-April 2004 Dr Albert Moore, who headed Religious Studies at the University of Otago 1967-1992, led a Dunedin U3A Course on the topic "Freedom, Religion and Spirit" which is now available in booklet form. These published lectures, suggested and approved by the Dunedin U3A Board, are wide-ranging, from primal cultures and ancient religions to modern and post-modern forms of spirituality. They are not brief summaries of ancient religions. The material is ideal for study groups or for the individual reader willing to have new doors opened and new connections suggested to them. In short they are intended to stimulate thinking, to take "soundings" on the chosen topic, and they do the job admirably. The lectures are written in a clear conversational style — they are not without the renowned Moore-ish humour — and reflect the author's distinguished 40 years experience in the religious studies field. Those who shared in the Dunedin U3A Course found them lively and challenging, readers of this booklet will no doubt feel the same. Copies available from Secretary, U3A Dunedin Charitable Trust, 5A Fifield Street, Roslyn, Dunedin. Cost $10 plus postage, cheques made out to Rodgers and Associates (for U3A).



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