Faith is a Journey: Travelling Lighter into the Twenty-First Century by Aline Pengelly

Review by Lloyd Geering

Many people in the Sea of Faith Network will find that Aline’s journey of faith is very similar to their own and will take much comfort and inspiration from finding it expressed for them so honestly and fearlessly. It was only after Aline had been probed by radio interviews, first by Neville Glasgow in 1992 and then by Jim Veitch in 1998, that she began to write down where she found herself going on her faith journey.
This is not an autobiography. It reads like jottings in a diary, as she writes down her thoughts on realising how far she has travelled during her lifetime. It reflects her early upbringing in the church, which led her to train for full-time work in the church. She looks back on this with gratitude even though her thinking has changed so radically from that in which she was first grounded.
Then came various challenges, which she resisted at first. She honestly confesses how she coped with them and worked her way through them to a faith she now finds both liberating and satisfying. The reading of this book could well prompt others to write down their own journey, even if it is only for their own benefit and the clarification of just where they are.



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