Isaiah: A man of sorrows by Dr Judith Reinken (

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From the Middle East 2700 years ago comes a tale of intrigue, sex and battle that will thrill and enthrall you. Can a tiny nation dependent on trade with all its neighbours, stand up to a superpower? Judah faces being swallowed up by the Mesopotamian superpower, Asshur. As one by one their neighbours fall under Asshur’s heel Judah and Jerusalem suffer both trade restrictions and the subversion of their distinctive culture.
Isaiah saw the looming disaster and tried to alert his people to their danger. Despite his powerful position and his influence over younger rulers, he failed. That’s history.
The new release from Beulah Press, Isaiah: A man of sorrows traces the story of Isaiah and his family.
Conflicting visions torment him and he is helpless to avert coming tragedy. As crisis succeeds crisis you see through the eyes of Assyrian emperors, an orphaned princess, and the Great Lady of Jerusalem. You hear from her king, her priests, her general and, in the midst of all, from the Virgin Daughter of Zion herself.
Dr. Reinken reads Hebrew and other West Semitic languages fluently. From Isaiah's writings she has woven a fantastic biography of the prophet. Isaiah is one of the world’s greatest poets, and the problems he faced are pertinent to us.
"The dialogue is sharp and contemporary and yet the reader is never in doubt that this is a story of people from another age. The people come sparklingly alive from the pages."



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