SRI Ramakrishna, The Great Master

Swami Saradananda; SRI Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre

Reviewed by Frank Eaddy in Sea of Faith (NZ) Newsletter 23, October 1997

"This book leads us through the different disciplines of SRI Ramakrishna from Christianity, Islam and Advaita Vedanta -- the non-dual path which culminates in Nirvikalpa Samadhi. This Samadhi is called 'Mystic Union' by the Christians, 'Nirvana' by the Buddhists, and the 'Seedless Samadhi' by the Samkhya philosophy of Kapila and Patanjali. He found by practice that all paths are true if followed and practiced by a sincere heart. The errors are left behind on the way. Hence his 'As many faiths, so many paths'.



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