Sacred Words (Selections of Spiritual Writings of All Ages)

Paul Ladouceur; Findhorn Press 1996

Reviewed by Ivan Frost in Sea of Faith (NZ) Newsletter 23, October 1997

"Being unable to find a book that offered him a selection of major sacred writings, Paul Ladouceur decided to compile one himself. Here we have some of the great treasures of humanity's sacred texts. They provide a vision of the divine and a gateway to God, as well as inviting the readers to open their hearts and minds to their innermost selves, to their highest aspirations, to divinity itself. Whilst the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran and many Buddhist sutras are obvious choices for this book, a very liberal attitude has been taken for the definition of 'sacred words' and many less-known and modern writings have been included in this anthology."



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