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What's In a Name?

The Big Questions

  • We have to create meaning for ourselves
  • Or search for it?
  • Thinking of sending a wreath to God's Funeral? You might like to read this first.
  • Don Cupitt suggests here that "Life" is replacing "God" and here that there is no supernatural glue that hold things together.
  • Might it be possible to better understand were war fits in?
  • "Evil" — is it real? imaginary? read what earlier Christian theologians thought about it.

Expressions of Faith

  • Fundamentalism often expresses itself violently, but it springs from deep fear. Karen Armstrong talks about it in her book The Battle for God: read a review here.
  • Lloyd Geering did a lecture series on the danger that fundamentalism poses to the secular world.
  • There's heaps of ways of expressing religious faith.

The Practice of Faith

  • Similarly, doubt can help us to grow.
  • "All that is ever accessible to us is the relative god, my god. As I see this, metaphysics dies and I am left knowing only my god, my guiding religious ideal. And this is the non-realist philosophy of religion in a nutshell" wrote Don Cupitt in Is Nothing Sacred?

The Earth

  • The Earth: a Sacred Place to Dwell
  • The land in New Zealand has been fought over ever since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. The Waitangi Tribunal, which makes reparation recommendations wrote in a Report that "the war has never ended in [the province of ] Taranaki."
  • Just another book about the millennium? No, its Lloyd Geering's The World To Come
  • He followed up that in 2005 with a book about "The Ecological Imperative". Its called The Greening of Christianity.
  • But enviromentalism can be a path of faith.

Christianity: for, against and post-

Other Paths of Faith

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